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Sports Floodlighting
  Sports Floodlighting Solutions
  With over 25 years of sport floodlighting column manufacturing experience coupled with utilisation of state of the art methods of design and calculation, we have developed the most comprehensive range of sports floodlighting columns currently available in the market. From 3.5m to 45m mounting heights, Mid Hinged/ Base Hinged/ Raising and Lowering headframes and static floodlighting configurations suitable for a full cross section of sports including football, rugby, tennis, hockey, skate parks and MUGA pitches.
  Our success is firmly based upon a simple business philosophy:-
“To respond to the needs of customers with sports floodlighting products and a service that sets new standards of performance. At the same time we are continually striving to improve our sport lighting solutions to meet the needs of tomorrow."
  We employ the latest design techniques, from Autocad to Solidworks, to our own bespoke computer programs and actively encourage customers to involve us in at the concept design stage of their sport floodlighting system and this close liaison should continue from manufacture right though to installation.

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